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Hartford City Council to Replace its President

HARTFORD — The Hartford City Council on Jan. 8 is expected to vote on a resolution to appoint Gwendowlyn Thames as Council President.

The move comes after Council President Thomas “TJ” Clarke was accused of sexual harassment and discrimination by a former city aide. Clarke was elected to the council November 2015.

Thames, 37, currently works at CT Next with small businesses in the state. She is a mother of two children and serves on the Operations, Management and Budget committee, the Planning, Economic Development committee, and Housing Committee and the Legislative Affairs committee. She was elected in 2015.

Clarke was recently accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a city employee, who filed a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in December accusing Clarke, John Bazzano and Olga Colon of sexual harassment and discrimination because she is white.

According to the aide, Clarke sent her several inappropriate messages about her appearances and her relationship with her boyfriend, saying Clarke made “references to my boyfriend’s sexual prowess.”

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