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‘It’s OK to Be White,’ Explained

Based Stickman via Facebook

By Michael Harriot, The Root

Another controversial wypipo movement has reared its ugly head, so we thought we’d—

Hold on for a second. I love these explainers, but now you’re writing them just for the sake of writing them. Why not work on a story about the Libyan slave trade or something? There’s no need to make things up.

I’m not making anything up. There is actually a movement dedicated to telling white people that it’s OK to be white.

By “movement,” do you mean two random people? One of my pet peeves with submillennials is that they call everything a “movement.” As soon as a nigga designs a T-shirt, creates a hashtag or starts a SoundCloud page, he claims something is a movement.

There is no “It’s OK to Be White” movement. I know white people are slowly dissolving into salty puddles of lukewarm snowflakes, but I don’t think they’ve gone this far … yet. There would’ve been sirens or something.

Well, what do you call it when a conservative is hired to give an “It’s OK to Be White” speech at the University of Connecticut? How about the flyers they’ve found at the University of South Carolina, University of California, Davis, Washington State University and a Maryland high school? What would you call it when the guy who invented Minecraft is beefing about it on Twitter?

OK, you got me. It sounds like a movement. But why, though?

That’s what I was about to explain before I was so rudely interrupted. A lot of our best and brightest white people are starting to believe they are oppressed. There have been polls that show that most white people feel they are “under attack” or discriminated against.

Most? Nigga, how?

I’m trying to use that word less often in my writing. I have to get permission to use it. Anyway, there’s a quote that I heard that says, “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

That’s deep.

I hate that quote.


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