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Secret Cult Attacks Avon Woman

By Fran Wilson, Staff Writer

AVON — An Avon woman on Monday was attacked in her home by several individuals, who claimed they were a part of a secret cult.

According to witnesses accounts, the perpetrators hit her head several times, hoping to cause brain injury that would “take her  education” that has made her a success.


“You’re weaker now,” one suspect said. The suspect was referring to her profile as a strong intellectual leader and executive in the Greater Hartford area.
Witnesses said the perpetrators were clearly under educated. So they decided to do spirit possession to sabotage her career and take her ideas and plans she had in place to promote her business and book project. The home invasion lasted for several months as the perpetrators were hoping to damage her head, body,  face, hair and teeth. The victim’s family members were also isolated  from her and assaulted, so that she would be in her home alone.


Witnesses said the suspects kept breaking  laws because they worked on political campaigns and knew the Avon police chief and other politicians in the state and in their home towns. The crimes committed included breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, grand larceny, theft of services, sexual assault and attempted murder.


“We’re holding you back now,” one suspect said as they try to damage her head, her spine and other parts of her body while she’s in her home. They didn’t want the story to come out while President Barack Obama was in office.


Additionally, the perpetrators have been visiting the woman’s home by using Santeria and other forms of witchcraft since 2014. Sources said it was a form of academic mobbing, which includes highly educated individuals who want to commit a crime in secret and left little or no trace.


The recent attack was spurred on by jealousy while trying to “recruit” the woman for several projects in the state, sources said.

That’s because woman, who is a professor, is a brilliant immigrant, and the suspects  wanted her to “not be successful in America.” Instead, they wanted the government to make her a “targeted individual”  instead of a successful job applicant, especially in federal government.

The woman identified the perpetrators to Avon Police as black nativists and white Ku Klux Klan members. Since the report, the police officers, some of whom are friends of individuals in the cult, have instead harassed the victim and tried to frame her for various crimes to discredit her story to the police.

Using a so-called mind reader devices, the perpetrators also attacked the woman’s brother and wanted to make him mentally ill by  following him around town and talking to him while he’s reading or using the computers at the Avon Public Library. The intense harassment and racial and ethnic bullying, which was politically charged, began in April 2016.


These types of attacks involved the use a combination of spirits and mind reading devices to achieve the perpetrator’s goal, according to Bettina Sorger, Joel Reithler, and other researchers at Universiteit Maastricht’s Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience Department of Neurocognition.


“These devices monitor targeted individual’s thoughts constantly and allows the enemy to use our inner voices against us,” according to these researchers.


“This not science fiction,” said Joshua Byer one of the founder of Targeted Individuals because of national origin or other social and political reasons. “We need assistance with a very real threat in modern society.”


The suspects in the case are Langley “Lenz” Giles, 38, of 38 Fulton St., New Britain; Amber C. Leitao, 36, of 239 Old Farms Road 15A in Avon; Jennifer Tucker, 32, of 239 Old Farms Rd, 13C, Avon, CT; and Pedro Segarra, 57, of 76 Prospect Ave., Hartford, Brittney Cooper, 36, of 9 Forest Glen Dr., Highland Park, NJ; Rahiel Tesfamariam, 35, of unknown address in Washington, D.C.; Kevin Merida of Bristol, CT; Lansana Koroma of 117 South 17th Street, Suite 908, Philadelphia, PA; and Daryl Scott 59, of Bowie, MD; Christopher Jenkins, 45, of Washington, D.C.; Michelle Cote, of Bantam, CT.


At least two of the suspects, who were on a 2014 political campaign for Gov. Dannel Malloy and Luke Bronin, began to stalk the woman. Giles and Leitao followed the woman on business and personal trips and began stealing her money, clothes, jewelery. They also kidnapped her and held her for several months to ensure missed business appointments.


Other suspects used Santeria, while she was being held hostage in Avon, to get her business plan and political strategy for campaigns and other promotional material for thier businesses. They also wanted to know about her book project that she was working on for several years.

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