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Woman Reports Crucible Experience with Witchcraft

By Robin Adams, Contributor

AVON, Conn. — In what could be described as a crucible experience, an Avon woman was held hostage and tortured by more than a dozen people, who claimed they were  witches and wizards, according to eye witness reports to The Hartford Guardian.

The woman, who  was made unconscious on several occasions during daylong torture sessions since the 2014 election,  was attacked while she was sleeping in her Avon home.

Since then the women and men, who claimed they belong to a Santanic cult with the Avon Police Department and the Ku Klux Klan, also began isolating her  from her family–after setting up incidents to have her car towed.  Enying her beauty and youthful appearance, they used Santeria to wake her at nights, so that she could get bags under her eyes or sleep with makeup.

A former model and actress,  the woman apparently attracted someone several women dated, sources said. And they didn’t want her to be as pretty, slim, youthful and smart, neighbors said.

All year the women, who are mostly white, have been orchestrating several “witches brew”  and Seances to damage the woman’s teeth,  skin, hair, breasts, nails, figure, clothes, shoes, and  jewelry.

“They clearly wanted to cause damage to a woman, who is youthful, healthy and attractive,” said Robert Cotto.”They were not supposed to stay after the 2014 election campaign was over.”

witch-craftCotto said the political operatives, some of whom used witchcraft also  entered the woman’s home to damage her carpet,  windows,  stove, refrigerator,  bathroom, and other parts of her home. One of the alleged witches also moved in  the neighborhood to be the woman’s next door neighbor, so she could harass her every night, according to reports.

To date, the woman has made several complaints and there has been no arrests by the embattled Avon Police Department because “the police chief was embarrassed by the woman’s barbaric behavior.”  However, the police allegedly used paranormal investigators, and the woman’s story was verified by Santeria priests.

According to Avon Police Chief Mark Rinaldo one officer, who lied when the woman filed a complaint, was fired.

According to sources, the modern practices of  “witchcraft” have grown dramatically since the early 20th century. Generally portrayed as revivals of pre-Christian European ritual that involves  varying degrees of magic, shamanism, calling on spirits.

Katie Stevenson, a neighbor watching the crime and who later became involved, allegedly threatened to kill the woman if she reported the crime to the police. The woman has reported several breakins and harassment by locals, who claim they were using a “hatch clause” to chase blacks out of Avon–an affluent and mostly white suburb in Greater Hartford.

Other town residents would also accost her while she was in the Avon Public Library, walking or jogging.

So far, the cult has caused about $80 million in damages because of what an ongoing investigation has revealed: The woman was mainly attacked because she’s  beautiful, black and brilliant, sources said. The suspects in this hate crime kept hitting her on her head and wanted to steal her research material, using a mind reader device. They were hoping she becomes mentally ill so others can disavow her claims.


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