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First Choice Health Offers Classes for Diabetes Month

HARTFORD — November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.

This month, First Choice Health Centers will be hosting a number of events to help educate our community on how healthy lifestyle choices can benefit those with   or without this chronic medical condition.

In addition to our events listed below, First Choice Health Centers is proud to offer Care Coordination services to our patients.  The goal of our Care Coordinators is to help our patients navigate the health care system which can often be overwhelming for someone with a chronic disease like Diabetes.  Our Care Coordinators help diabetic patients manage appointments with our Primary Care, Podiatry, Eye Care & Nutrition teams; connect them with outreach services such as SNAP, Medicaid/Medicare enrollment if needed.

They will also communicate with hospital or rehabilitation facilities if the occasion arises.

For more information about our Care Coordinators, please contact Dr. Colleen Rankine, PhD at 860-610-6142 ext. 142

Nov 23rd
Prenatal Yoga @ 4:00-5:30 p.m.
Relieve some of prenatal stress with our experienced yoga instructor with specific stretches to help you and your baby. Call 860-528-1359 ext. 168 to RSVP!

Nov 16th
Diabetes Open House: Learn important information from our guest speaker Anne Lanza a community dietitian with Nova Nordisk about diabetes. Open to public, refreshments will be provided.

Nov 28th
Spanish Speaking Nutrition Class @ 3:00-4:00 p.m.
Basic nutrition class for Spanish-speakers. Topics discussed will be Nutrition labels, basic nutrients, portion sizes, diabetes, and tips for eating healthy on the go.  Got questions about eating healthy?? Bring them to us and we’ll give you answers!

Location for all events:
First Choice Health Centers
110 Connecticut Boulevard, East Hartford CT 06108
2nd floor Conference Room

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