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MGM Responds to Tribes’s Request for Proposals

Dear Editor:

“This isn’t a process – it’s a sham.

It is being run by Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Tribe, not the state, and MMCT is running it for its own purposes.  Deadlines are set, then they’re missed.  Towns are added, then subtracted.  Unrealistic job numbers are created out of thin air, then thrown around with impunity.  We’re told this is a ‘satellite casino,’ then when information is pried loose we see renderings of a casino larger than anything in Las Vegas.  A ‘process’ like this is exactly how you end up with a baseball stadium that is unfinished, empty, and tens of millions of dollars over budget.


We continue to believe, strongly, that this so-called ‘process’ needs to be scrapped, and that a real process needs to be put in place.  The General Assembly needs to create one that is open, transparent, fair, reliable and competitive.


Public policy run by a private entity, made in secret, behind closed doors is a recipe for disaster.”


Statement by Alan M. Feldman, Executive Vice President, MGM Resorts International

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