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Borges Resignation Necessary

Saundra Kee Borges is gone from public office—hopefully for good.

Kee Borges announced her resignation this week. She will resign on Jan. 30. The Hartford Guardian is happy about this move.  People who care about Hartford and its ability to attract professionals and other smart consumers should welcome this news as well. editorialbannerthumb

Kee Borges and her nativist cronies sold the idea that people of color cannot govern this 384-year-old city. We hope to see more resignations soon because under Pedro Segarra’s administration there have been several alleged abuses of the rule of law and federal regulations.

On the local level, common sense is missing from some of the decisions from the Office of Corporation Council and his office. For example, slapping court papers on residents and business owners for owing less than $200 in parking tickets is beyond the pale, especially in a city with limited parking.

Kee Borges has been the city’s top lawyer for the last four years. Before that, she was Mayor Pedro Segara’s chief of staff when he took office in June 2010 because former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was forced to resign after a six-person court found him guilty of alleged corruption. Kee Borges became friends with Segarra’s while they were law students at the University of Connecticut School of Law. Segarra said the office “will continue to operate efficiently” as its leadership changes.

We do believe that Segarra needs to ask more people to resign from office if he really wants City Hall to “operate efficiently.”

Because based on evidence obtained by The Guardian’s staff, we don’t see it operating as such.

In the meanwhile, Deputy Corporation Counsel Henri Alexandre is expected to serve as an interim until the position is filled. We hope he chooses to operate for the good of the entire city rather than operate to serve his personal agendas as Kee Borges did during her tenure.

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