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CCSU Releases Evidence Photos of Monday’s Lockdown, President’s Statement

NEW BRITAIN — For Central Connecticut State University President Jack Miller, one can never be “too vigilant” in the wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School and other nationwide campus shootings.

In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Miller explained the reason for the college’s lockdown.

“As further information unfolds from yesterday’s campus emergency incident, two observations have become clear to me about the world in which we now live. First, you can never be too vigilant nor react too strongly to the threat of violence. All potential threats must be taken very seriously, and the response must be a reaction to worst-case scenarios.”

Miller’s statement came on Tuesday after CCSU released evidence photos that caused a college-wide lockdown for almost five hours until state and local police apprehended David Kyem, 21, a CCSU student who after leaving a Halloween Party at the University of Connecticut over the weekend entered campus with his G.I. Joe outfit, which was a camouflage pants, a tactical vest, and a mask as he made his way to this dorm at James Hall.

But his costume was a bit too real for some, who panicked and called the police at about 12:30 p.m.

Click here to listen and watch surveillance tape.

Police releases the picture of the jacket the CCSU senior wore (see featured photo). The pictures were striking. See below:


On sight, Kyem caused alarm among some students. A senior from Newington, he later apologized for causing a commotion, fear and confusion.  New Britain Police charged him with breach of peace, and he posted at $1,000 bond.

Miller added that “As an educational institution we must continue to educate our students and ourselves about the perception of threat. Behavior that causes widespread fear among our students and staff cannot and will not be tolerated.”

Yesterday, Gov. Dan Malloy also released this statement:

“I want to commend state and local law enforcement for their quick response.  While there was no act of violence today, the actions taken once these reports came in are exactly why it is so important to say something if you see something.  Unfortunately, incidents like these will occur, but today showed us the ideal way for them to conclude – with no one seriously harmed.”


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