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JoAnn Price is WH Champion of Change

WASHINGTON, DC – At the Wilson-Gray YMCA, JoAnn Price  has helped to develop a truly remarkable Youth Achievers Program, helping youngsters grades five through 12 develop life skills and achieve key educational goals through active engagement with adult role models and mentors, her colleagues and friends say.

That’s one reason why Price, a member of the Y’s board of directors, was selected as one of the White House’s Champions of Change last Friday at the White House celebration for “a champion of Hartford youth.” The Champions of Change program was created as an opportunity for the White house to feature groups of Americans – individuals, businesses and organizations – who are doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. Honorees were recognized for their efforts in transforming communities and making them better places to live.

“Whatever I bring to the community, either professionally or personally, returns to me tenfold, both in the knowledge that I have helped someone somewhere and in the progress I see and feel and enjoy in the world around me. My work with the YMCA is uniquely gratifying, because together, we are making such a difference right here at home,” Price says.

In addition, JoAnn supports the Adult Achievers Program, providing parents and grandparents of Youth Achievers with guidance and support regarding a multitude of issues and concerns impacting their wellbeing. As a result of JoAnn’s personal mentoring, every Youth Achievers has graduated from high school and entered on to college.

Price was one of twelve people who are YMCA “Champions of Change.” This Champions event focused on YMCA leaders and Y Partners for their efforts in transforming communities and making them better places to live. From addressing child hunger and reducing obesity, to improving education for kids and caretakers, each of the honorees has played an instrumental role in strengthening the community. Sponsors of the program said that by participating in these efforts, the YMCA and Y Partners have helped reduce child violence in communities around the country as well as making different communities a better environment for children to grow up in.

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