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Hartford Moves Closer to Building Skate Park

HARTFORD — Hartford will move one step closer to getting a skate park this week with a public hearing by the designer and builder.

A presentation on the final design will be held at the Hartford Public Library’s Center for Contemporary Culture on April 23 from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

 After an RFP (request for proposal) and competitive bidding process, Stantec/Who Skates? were selected as the designer & builder. Members of the Skateboard Task Force said they were impressed with these companies, which have extensive experience designing and building skateparks in Connecticut and throughout the nation.
Leading the presentation will be designer Mike McIntyre and pro-skater Kanten Russel from Stantec. Also, discussed will be what can be done to fast track construction: chiefly, contacting the Department of Transportation and urging them to review the drawings as quickly as possible. As the skatepark will be constructed on top of I-84, the design must be reviewed by the DOT. Everything is in place from the City of Hartford’s end to start construction.
The Hartford Court of Common Council created the Hartford Skateboard Task Force in 2009 with the purpose of advising the City on the potential location, design and construction of a skatepark. Comprised of representatives of the skating, BMX, business, government and park communities, the Task Force fulfilled those goals and undertook fundraising and grant-writing measures to ensure that the park would be built.
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