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Twilight Saga Part Two: Breaking Dawn Ends Well for TwiFans

MOVIE REVIEW — The Twilight Saga delivers a fitting end to its franchise with its heroine taking center stage as a Vampire. The transformation is tantalizing. And it is forever the end of the five-year, five-film journey that captivate teenage girls across the globe. At least for now.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2  will captivate your attention from beginning with Bella, who gives birth to Renesmee. The movie then unfolds with Bella discovering her heighten senses and strength. For the first time in her life, she feels alive and says  “I was meant to be a vampire.: The movie opens  nationwide today.

Director Bill Condon and screen writer Melissa Rosenberg does a beautiful adaptation of the end of the series. The film opens up after the birth of Renesmee. All are delighted until the Cullen clan discovers that Renesmee is half human and half vampire with special powers.

Jacob has imprinted on her–for her protection and breaks the news to the newly awaken and Bella. The celebration of Renesmee’s birth doen’t last long as they watch her rapid growth in just two days.

Sensing danger, the Cullens tap into their vampire network and gather other vampire clans to protect Renesmee from a false allegation that puts the family in danger of being decimated by Volturi–lord of all vampire.

Apparently, turning a child into a vampire is a sin in vampire world. So Vulturi, based on the false allegations, is determined to destroy Renesmee and the Cullen clan.

The film ends with an epic battle.

Like other Twilight movies, the love triangle between Edward Bella and Jacob continues. But with the birth of Renesmee, it takes on a nuance that viewers accept. In fact, audience will accept the marvelous and moving end to this Twilight journey. Bella is transformed from weak insecure teen to a strong and effervescent woman, and a prize to the vampire world.

 –Fran Wilson

Rated: *** 1/2 stars

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