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Hartford Marshall Garners Distinction

HARTFORD — A Hartford State Marshall is the first in the state to garner a distinguished award from the Center for Public Safety Excellence, according to City Officials.

Chief David Beliveau has received the distinguished credential of “Fire Marshal.” Beliveau, who serves as the Department’s Fire Marshal, is the first in the State of Connecticut and one of only 46 in the country to receive the credential.

Fire Marshals who seek the designation must submit a portfolio that is reviewed by a peer review board which examines 17 proficiency areas in six different technical competencies. The 6 competencies include: Strategic Planning, Administration, Human Resources, Fire Prevention, Training, & Operations.  The designation is valid for three years.

The Center for Public Safety Excellence provides training and career resource information. It also supports and encourages agencies and personnel to meet international performance standards through its programs and the work of two Commissions: the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and the Commission on Professional Credentialing.

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