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Hartford Occupiers to Join Gathering in Colt Park

HARTFORD — New England protesters in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement on June 28  will descend on Colt park in Hartford to prepare for a Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia.

The national movement plans to convene on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall from June 30 to July 4 for a week of direct actions, movement building, and creation of a vision for a democratic future.

Members of Occupy Hartford will join activists from across New England  to this first Occupy National Gathering as the Occupy Caravan sweeps America with the “This Land is Our Land” road tour, id a spokesperson for the Hartford Movement.   The Occupy Caravan will be stopping briefly in Hartford. Occupiers from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut are expected to arrive at Colt Park in Hartford at 1:00pm.

Organizers said Occupy Hartford will be welcoming the Caravan, led by the Occupy the Roads RV, at Colt Park.  There will be interactive activities, time to share stories and food, and a food drive as part of the Caravan gathering, with 90 percent of the food going to the Hartford community, and 10 percent going to feed the homeless in Philadelphia, in defiance of a citywide ban against doing so.

The Caravan will leave at 3:00pm, continuing on to New Haven, then to Newark and finally Philadelphia.  One of the purposes of the Caravan is to gather up local riders and drivers as they head south to Philadelphia, so all members of the 99% are invited to gather friends and a vehicle, and join the Caravan.

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