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CABC Board and Staff Wish You Happy New Year

Happy New Year From Us!

Board of Directors

President – Ann-Marie Adams, Ph.D.

Treasurer – Wayne McCook, Comcast

Secretary – Sally Roberts, Esq, Sally Roberts Legal

David Williams, Ph.D., UConn

Andrea White, Trinity College

Errol Mesquita, Comcast

Damico Nicome, QSoft Consulting

Past Board Members

Yvon Alexandre, Vibez Uptown

Thomas Aldridge,  CT Department of Revenue Services

John Biscette, Continental Advisory Service, LLC

Chastity Hamilton, City Scan-Connecticut Policy for Economic Development

Donna Hemans, Dow Jones Newspapers

Kenneth Kennedy, State Attorney General Office

Jerry Long, PCC Technology

Natasha Samuels, Urban Scene Magazine

Past and Present Contributors/Volunteers

Carolyn Austin

Spank Buda

Andrew Campbell

Alex Cleveland

Niecy Coleman

Roger Desmond

Rena Epstein

Radhiya Flanders

Harold Gellis

Ysanne Harper

Keith Henzil

Denis Horgan

Ebony Farmer

Evan Lawrence

Melissa Malone, Esq

Elsie Mata, Esq

Tamika McMayo

Shawn Murray

Pryia Morganstern, Esq

Willie Myette

William Newton

Paula Paige

Sean Parker

Bruce Saxon

John Roderick

Nelly Schwan

Yasmin Shenoy

Paul Siegel

Jonathan Smalls

Doug Stewart

Kara Sundlun

Amy Yarbrough

Lisa Villard

Alana Wenick

Rondale Williams

Fran Wilson

Christopher Wright





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