Malloy Continues ‘Jobs Tour’ in Hartford

HARTFORD — Mayor Pedro Segarra will join Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Monday on a ‘jobs tour’ stop in the Blue Hills section of Hartford.

Both men will visit the staff of the New England Assistive Technology Center at Oak Hill in Hartford at 1 p.m.

Oak Hill is a private non-profit corporation that is the largest private provider of services to people with disabilities in Connecticut.

They have over 1,400 employees throughout the state and provide community based residential care, day programs, assistive technology, supported work, training to work with people with disabilities, an equipment restoration center, and a fully licensed school and pre-school for children with disabilities.

The Governor’s “Jobs Tour” was coordinated by the CT Department of Economic and Community Development.

NEAT is located at Holcomb and Coventry Streets in the Blue Hills neighborhood.

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