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Cyclists Ride To ‘Break’ Poverty Cycle

BLOOMFIELD — Ten cyclists on Tuesday will begin  a weeklong tour throughout Connecticut in an effort to “break the cycle of poverty” in Connecticut.

Foodshare will celebrate the conclusion of Brake the Cycle’s annual ride across Connecticut, an anti-poverty campaign formed under the leadership of the US Bishops Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

This year’s tour will take them through towns such as Manchester, Rocky Hill, Milford, Waterbury, and Southbury, ending in Bloomfield at Foodshare’s warehouse for a finale event co-sponsored by the CT Association of Basic Human Needs (CABHN).

The ride, which began locally in Manchester in 2003, was first created by members of St. Bridget’s Church. The original team cycled through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland before meeting with cyclists in Baltimore who had cycled from San Francisco. The combined group cycled in solidarity to Washington, D.C. and attended an anti-poverty rally and press conference.

In 2004, the team recognized the need to take action against poverty within the state of Connecticut. Brake the Cycle has since been welcomed at over 50 congregations with another 6 to be added in this coming week alone.


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