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Hartford Councilman Invites Use of “App”

By Marie Lopez, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Just about everyone and their mother is on Facebook nowadays. Or so it seems. So one Hartford councilman is looking to capitalize on city residents’ increasing use of the internet.

Hartford Minority Leader Luis  Cotto has invited residents to use an online neighborhood reporting tool, SeeClickFix app,  on their smart phones to report quality of life issues to 311.

With the SeeClickFix application, residents to report issues directly to 311 as they see them 24 hours a day. Using mobile phone applications available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android or a computer, residents can upload locational, photographic and descriptive information about issues as they see them, Cotto said.

SeeClickFix also allows residents to see on a map other issues in their area and vote to increase their priority. For example,

Cotto’s action deserves noting. That’s because studies have shown that most people of color (people in most urban areas) use thier phones to access the internet.  There is still, however, a digital divide among various segment of society.

Nevertheless, this app gives city residents another way to access the city’s 311 line for “intragovernmental accountability” or to register complaints.

“Using SeeClickFix, residents can see what others have identified as problems and interact to help solve quality of life and infrastructure problems in their neighborhoods,” Cotto said. “Also, it empowers pedestrians to report problems as they see them in real time. And best of all, this tool is free.”

Some Hartford residents are already using the tool. Three days ago someone post a note about a “car eating sinkhole” on Capitol Avenue in Frog Hollow.

Yesterday, another city dweller posted  a note that the “don’t walk signals are out”  on Vernon Street.

But the online application has its limit.

Residents still have to call 311 for more complex issues. The number to call from a mobile phone is 860 757 9311.

Residents can also register thier complaints with the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services at 860 757 9500, or the Court of Common Council Office  at 860 757 9560.

SeeClickFix is available to download at, the Apple App Store and the Android marketplace.




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