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Abe Giles Pleads Guilty, Gets Reprieve

Ann-Marie Adams, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Abraham Giles, a former state-Rep arrested in the city hall corruption investigation with former Mayor Eddie A. Perez, pleaded guilty in Hartford Superior Court today.

His guilty plea means he will escape jail time for misdemeanor corruption. Giles, 84, was sentenced to six months in prison, which was immediately suspended. In addition, he was sentenced to one-year conditional discharge on charges of attempted fourth-degree larceny by extortion and conspiracy to commit fourth-degree larceny by extortion.

The court also ordered him to make a $500 donation to the crime victim’s fund.

Giles is one of five people arrested in the Perez corruption probe.

Prosecutors said the investigation led them to the year 2007 when Perez tried to extort money from a private developer Joseph Citino. Citino, on the witness stand in Perez’s trial, claimed that Giles said he could get the mayor to look favorably on him in his attempt to buy the ‘Butt Ugly ‘building, now demolished, at 1161 Main.

Citino  also said Giles wanted $100,000 to vacate a parking lot that Citino needed for a commercial development after the Butt Ugly building was demolished.

Giles is credited with helping Perez to secure a big chunk of voters in the city’s North End in his 2007 reelection victory.

According to the state, Perez steered lucrative no-bid parking lot deals and other business arrangements to Giles. In return, Giles galvanized voters in the 5th District to ensure Perez the endorsement of the Democratic town committee. The 5th District was a crucial district that could deliver a win to Perez and other candidates, including Frank Barrows and I. Charles Mathews.

Perez received the endorsement at the Democratic town committee convention, which assured him victory. His support in the 5th District usurped entrenched candidates such as Matthews and gave him a win in the primary and general election.

Citino claimed that Perez wanted him to “take care of Giles.”

In June, a jury convicted Perez of five of six felony corruption charges in June. In September, he was sentenced to three years in prison and is now appealing.

Other’s arrested in connection with Perez’s corruption at city hall are city Councilwoman Veronica Airey-Wilson, City Hall contract compliance officer Edward Lazu, and city contractor Carlos Costa.

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