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In His Own Words : “They Treated Me Bad From The Start”

HARTFORD — “I took it into my own hands,” Omar Thornton says calmly as he explains to a 911 dispatcher the motive for shooting eight co-workers at Hartford Distributors Inc.

Thornton’s brother Edward Kinder said yesterday that Omar had been complaining all along and “they did nothing” about his complaints.

On Aug. 3, Thornton took the matter “into my own hands.”

As news reports hit internet sites, newspapers and television screens, many began to doubt the family as they told thier side of the story.

Now a tape recorder of Thornton’s call to emergency services is available for all to hear, said family members.

“They were racist. They had it coming,” said one relative.

Thornton’s friends and family have been saying he had been complaining to them about the racial harrassment on the job since he began about two years ago.

Hartford Distributor officials had denied those claims and said there were no complaints of racial harrassment.

Thornton’s mother Nellie Holliday has yet to speak to the press. Her sister, Gail Pierson, said today via telephone that Holliday and family are mourning the death of her son and cannot speak at this time.

In his own words, Thornton explains the reason for his shooting spree, one of the deadliest in the state and the nation.

The 9-1-1 call was sligthly more than than four minutes, chilling words of the 34-year-old truck driver who unloaded his weapon, left eight dead and others wounded.

Afterwards, Thornton dials 9-1-1.

“This is Omar Thornton, the shooter in Manchester.”

“Yes, where are you, sir?” Connecticut state trooper on the other end of the emergency call replied.

“I’m in the building,” Thornton says. “Uh, you probably want to know the reason why I shot this place up. This place here is a racist place. They treat me bad over here. They treat all the other black people bad over here.”

Moments later before hanging up he says: “tell my people that I love them and I gotta go now.”


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