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March in Hartford to Increase Census Form Return Rate

HARTFORD — As of March 31, only 32 percent of city residents responded to the Census. US Census officials are hoping to push that figure to 70 percent in the next two weeks.

To aid this effort, Census officials have targeted eight areas of the city with particularly low response rates. On Saturday, April 10, “March to the Mailbox Day,” a variety of activities will be held in these neighborhoods to encourage participation in the Census.

Among the activities planned for “March to the Mailbox Day” are:

Adult and Youth Basketball Tournaments where the importance of the Census will be discussed.

Enlisting neighborhood “Ambassadors,” such as Barber Shop Owners and Nail Salon Owners, to encourage their customers to complete the Census Questionnaire.

Distributing 18,000 flyers.

Directing residents to the closest Questionnaire Assistance Center where help can be provided in 60 different languages in a confidential setting.

Strategically locate “Be Counted” Boxes (that contain replacement Census Questionnaires) at some shops and events.

Distribute 800 lawn signs, 1800 hats and T-shirts to participants.

The eight neighborhoods in Hartford being targeted for “March to the Mailbox Day” are the areas around: Edwards, Williams and Chestnut Streets; Pliny, Mather and Bedford Streets; Lincoln, Vernon and Madison Streets; Willard, Huntington Streets and Asylum Avenue; Earle, Risley and Naugatuck Streets; Nelson, Martin and Judson Streets; Greenfield, Deerfield and Lenox Streets; and Cabot, Edgewood and Burton Streets.


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