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Seven Arrested for Prostitution

HARTFORD — Responding to complaints from residents, Hartford Police conducted an undercover  prostitution sting in the area of Wethersfield Avenue and Stonington Street and arrested seven men, most of whom live in the suburbs.

The seven men arrested and charged for allegedly  patronizing a prostitute from a motor vehicle were

Edwin Colon, 42, of 413 Mary Shepard’s Pl., Hartford

John Gardiner, 63, of 51 Stage Harbor Rd., Marlborough

Antonio Niro, 73, of 124 Goodwin Park Rd., Wethersfield

Angel Palacios, 66, of 7 Sisson Ave., Hartford

Gabriel Guzman, 30, of 7 Sisson Ave., Hartford

Jorge Escriba, 42, of 33 Roxbury St., Hartford

Hajeudin Mujanovic, 59, of 267 Market St., New Britain.

Each bail bond  was set at $10,000.

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