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City Salutes Hometown Heroes

HARTFORD == Hartford has joined a National Yellow Ribbon Letter Campaign to salute the city´s service people on Independence Day. 

Mayors of several capital cities across the country have placed a yellow ribbon in honor and remembrance of the proud and dedicated men and women in uniform both at home and abroad.

While many mayors placed their ribbons outside City Hall, Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez chose the scion of the Charter Oak Tree in Bushnell Park that was planted in 1871 by the First Company Governor’s Foot Guard. 

History books state that the Charter Oak was used to hide Connecticut’s Charter from English authorities.  Sadly, the original Charter Oak tree was destroyed in a storm in the 1800’s, but the scion stands tall and proud in Bushnell Park in Downtown Hartford.

Some of the other cities also taking part include:  Denver, CO, Santa Fe, NM, Montpelier, VT, Annapolis, MD, Columbus, OH, Lansing, MI, Dover, DE, Augusta, ME, Olympia, WA, Oklahoma City, OK, Madison, WI, Boston, MA, Little Rock, AR, Tallahassee, FL, Albany, NY, Austin, TX.

Last year, Mayor Perez and City Council members took part in another letter writing campaign for our troops called “Paragraphs of Hope.”  For Flag Day 2009, Staff Sgt. Dane Beckford presented an American Flag to his home city of Hartford. 

The flag is certified to have flown in Iraq.


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